Plot Technique: Scene List

Plot Technique: Scene List

Hello from sunny Phoenix!

Where the fires of hell burn so hot, you can literally cook steaks on the sidewalk.

This week’s topic is what I’ve been frantically trying to finish: the outline for Wings of War, my newest project.  That’s because Camp NaNo starts on July 1st, and I need to be prepared to hit the ground running.  I’ve spent a month world-building.  Now it’s time to get the story on paper.

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ML in Training?

ML in Training?

So, I was just invited to be a co-ML for the East Valley NaNoers!  Do you know what that means??

…. Probably not, unless you’re a hard core participant in National Novel Writing Month.  An ML is a Municipal Liaison, which means that they coordinate events in your region: write-ins, the kickoff party, the TGIO party, and much more!  They run the facebook page and update the calendar and keep everyone informed.

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Importance of Writing Buddies

Importance of Writing Buddies

Where in the world is Becki?

Well, all over, considering that’s my job.  But I sincerely apologize for missing so many updates.  I thought a lot about it, and I think two times a week was a reach, and not feasible for my lifestyle in the long run.  I’ve since decided that FRIDAYS will be the new update for Novelarnia!

Now, on with the topic.  I still have a few DFWCon posts left, but I’m going to take a break to talk about what’s been occupying my time the last few weeks.

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Four Months In

Wow.  Four months, and it finally happened.

I missed a blog update.

I’m sorry, guys.  But not super sorry, because work and diverting flights and crazy passengers and late nights have kept me pretty distracted today.  (Yesterday?  Ulg.  Time for bed.)

I’ll try to post something on Monday!  But I’ll be working then too, so it again depends on weather and passengers and, you know, not diverting.

Challenge yourself this Memorial Day weekend!  How many words can you write?? 😀

Oneshot: Vegas Wedding

I totally forgot it was Monday, and since I didn’t have time to work on a real blog update, here, have a oneshot.  This one is about two side characters in my Las Vegas magicians story.  Enjoy!

Poster of their Vegas show courtesy of Beta Krissy! ❤


They’re a truly lovely couple.  Surprising, really, since the priest doesn’t see many of those in Vegas, especially not around midnight.  The man’s name is Henry Ballard, and the woman Jennifer Wagner, and he calls her Jen and she calls him Hen, and it’s all very…

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