About Becki

I’m also part witch. FYI.

Hello!  I’m Becki.  But I will answer to Bex, Reba, Becki-Brownie-Bear, Bacey, and Becky.

I’ve been writing since 6th grade.  My first story was about a boy who went hiking with his dad. My second was a novel about a girl and her dragon.  I was so proud of it, but when I showed it to my sister, she said, “Well, it’s good… but what’s the plot?”




So these days, I tend to think a little harder about what I’m going to write.  (Mostly because I hate editing.)
I stick to young adult, but bounce anywhere from contemporary fantasy to epic science fiction, depending on my mood.  I love thieves, spies, and Indiana Jones-type characters.  Most of my novels tend to have an element of magic to them.

When I’m not writing, I’m flying the country (we’re not flight attendants… we’re sky goddesses) and taking pictures.

My goal is to be published in airport bookstores.  Cross your fingers for me!