So, I was just invited to be a co-ML for the East Valley NaNoers!  Do you know what that means??

…. Probably not, unless you’re a hard core participant in National Novel Writing Month.  An ML is a Municipal Liaison, which means that they coordinate events in your region: write-ins, the kickoff party, the TGIO party, and much more!  They run the facebook page and update the calendar and keep everyone informed.

Plus, they hand out stickers.

I think we know who the cool kids are.

Nothing’s official yet, but I expressed interest in helping out last year, and one of two East Valley MLs messaged me today with the offer.  I’m so, so excited!  (Phoenix is HUGE, both in population and city size, so there are quite a few regions that make up Phoenix.  I’m in the East Valley, which is, of course, west.)

(Haha.  Now you’re paying attention, huh?)

The East Valley is so big, in fact, that they need two MLs just to make it run.  I’m not sure if I’ll be taking one of the current ML’s place, or if they need a third to handle the super far east / southern areas, but either way, I’m happy to help!

Also, on a totally related note, Camp NaNo starts in 10 days.  Also, also, it’s my birthday today.  I’m now officially one quarter century old.  Woot!!

And now for drinks, because it’s my birthday and I said so.

The big 25.  Let the heckling about marriage commence. >.>

Are you doing Camp NaNo in July??  What are you writing?  Tell me in the comments below!



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